Transparency Masters

Most of the lecture notes follow the textbook closely, but almost all of the examples appearing in these notes are different than those found in the textbook. Occasionally, the material is presented in a slightly different order that the material found in the textbook and in a couple of cases, such as in Section 4.9, only part of the material presented in the textbook is included. You will also note that the definitions of a one-to-one and onto mapping are not presented, but the Invertible Matrix Theorem is presented in its entirety with the statements concerning a one-to-one transformation included. An informal definition of an isomorphism is given in the lecture notes. However, one of the goals for creating these notes is to give instructors the ability to edit these notes to suit their own needs.

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NOTE: There are Transparency Masters for select sections only.

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Section Transparency Master Class Handouts Version

Editable Scientific Notebook files*
You will the my_overhead.cst file for use with these files.

1.1 sec1_1ov.pdf sec1_1.pdf
1.2 sec1_2ov.pdf sec1_2.pdf
1.3 sec1_3ov.pdf sec1_3.pdf
1.4 sec1_4ov.pdf sec1_4.pdf
1.5 sec1_5ov.pdf sec1_5.pdf
1.7 sec1_7ov.pdf sec1_7.pdf
1.8 sec1_8ov.pdf sec1_8.pdf
1.9 sec1_9ov.pdf sec1_9.pdf
2.1 sec2_1ov.pdf sec2_1.pdf
2.2 sec2_2ov.pdf sec2_2.pdf
2.3 sec2_3ov.pdf sec2_3.pdf
3.1 and 3.2 sec3_1_and_2ov.pdf sec3_1_and_2.pdf
4.1 sec4_1ov.pdf sec4_1.pdf
4.2 sec4_2ov.pdf sec4_2.pdf
4.3 sec4_3ov.pdf sec4_3.pdf
4.4 sec4_4ov.pdf sec4_4.pdf
4.5 sec4_5ov.pdf sec4_5.pdf
4.6 sec4_6ov.pdf sec4_6.pdf
4.9 sec4_9ov.pdf sec4_9.pdf
5.1 sec5_1ov.pdf sec5_1.pdf
5.2 sec5_2ov.pdf sec5_2.pdf
5.3 sec5_3ov.pdf sec5_3.pdf
6.1 sec6_1ov.pdf sec6_1.pdf
6.2 sec6_2ov.pdf sec6_2.pdf
6.3 sec6_3ov.pdf sec6_3.pdf
6.4 sec6_4ov.pdf sec6_4.pdf
6.5 sec6_5ov.pdf sec6_5.pdf

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