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Course A: This course, for freshmen and sophomores in a wide variety of majors, presents the main concepts and terminology of linear algebra that play an essential role in mathematics and in many technical areas of modern society, such as computer science, engineering, physics, environmental science, economics, statistics, business management and social sciences.

Course B: This course is for juniors in science and engineering who may have seen determinants and brief glimpses of matrix algebra in other courses and have had multivariable calculus. The course presents the main concepts and terminology of linear algebra that play an essential role in science and engineering - for example, in signal processing, control systems engineering, structural analysis, large-scale computations, robotics, computer graphics, environmental science, and many areas in physics.

Course C: This course is for juniors and seniors in the social and management sciences who are aiming at graduate school. This course presents the essentials of matrix theory needed in management and the behavioral and social sciences. It provides mathematical background for courses in multivariable statistics, biostatistics, and econometrics.

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NOTE: There are Transparency Masters for select sections only.

Section Transparency Master Student Notes version
1.1 sec1ov.pdf sec1.pdf
1.2 sec2ov.pdf sec2.pdf
1.3 sec3ov.pdf sec3.pdf
1.4 sec4ov.pdf sec4.pdf
1.5 sec5ov.pdf sec5.pdf
1.6 sec6ov.pdf sec6.pdf
1.7 sec7ov.pdf sec7.pdf
1.8 and application sec8andappov.pdf sec1_8andapp.pdf
Warm up exercises TransWarm-upov.pdf TransWarm-up.pdf
Warm up exercises   warm_up1.pdf
Warm up exercises   warm_up2.pdf
Warm up exercises   warm_up3.pdf
2.1 sec1ov.pdf sec1.pdf
2.2 sec2ov.pdf sec2.pdf
2.3 sec3ov.pdf sec3.pdf
2.8   sec8.pdf
4.1 sec1ov.pdf  
4.2 sec4_2ov.pdf sec4_2.pdf
4.3 sec4_3ov.pdf sec4_3.pdf
4.5 sec4_5ov.pdf sec4_5.pdf
4.6 sec4_6ov.pdf sec4_6.pdf
5.1 sec5_1ov.pdf sec5_1.pdf
5.2 sec5_2ov.pdf sec5_2.pdf
5.3 sec5_3ov.pdf sec5_3.pdf
6.1 sec6_1ov.pdf sec6_1.pdf
6.2 sec6_2ov.pdf sec6_2.pdf
6.3 sec6_3ov.pdf sec6_3.pdf
6.4 sec6_4ov.pdf sec6_4.pdf
6.5 sec6_5ov.pdf sec6_5.pdf