Data Sets

To encourage the use of technology with the course, data for over 800 numerical and [M] exercises from the text have been entered into data files that may be used with computers or graphing calculators. Accessing matrices and vectors for a particular problem requires only a few keystrokes. In addition to data, the files include programs that help teach algorithms discussed in the text. All of these files are included in the packages below.

All the data for exercises in the text and for projects in the Instructor's Technology Manuals are contained in the downloadable archives below. The ReadMe file contains information on how to use the files and tips on how to install them on your computer. Further details on these data files are available in the Study Guide that accompanies the text.

You will need either StuffIt Expander for the Mac or WinZip for the PC to unstuff any of the downloadable archives.

  MATLAB Maple Mathematica TI-83+ TI-86 TI-89 HP48G
ReadMe files MatlabReadMe.txt MapleReadMe.txt MmaReadMe.txt 83ReadMe.txt 86ReadMe.txt 89ReadMe.txt HPReadMe.txt
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